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Kitchen House Sweet and Spicy Dove Breast

I have eaten dove many different ways. I love them all! My Mama’s fried dove with rice and gravy is probably my favorite meal. She makes the absolute best gravy. Her gravy is a milk gravy laced with pan drippings, onion, and bacon. My mouth is watering just thinking about those golden brown birds glistening with gravy!

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Mini Buffalo Burgers with Gorganzola Sauce

These spicy little burgers are a perfect game day treat. Why are mini burgers so much fun? Baby burgers are cute, easy to eat, and you don't feel too guilty if you eat multiples. Trust me, you will want to eat more than one! The hot sauce adds a subtle kick and the buttery ritz add great flavor and help bind the burgers. Don’t be afraid of the gorgonzola sauce. I tested this recipe with 3 self proclaimed bleu cheese haters…

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