Beer Boiled Peanuts

I always research recipes before I create my own take on a dish. Most boiled peanut recipes call for 2 lbs of peanuts. Around my house, 2 lbs. of peanuts would just cause a fight. We require a 5 lb. minimum. My Daddy and Uncle Mark would pick a truck bed full of fresh peanuts on the vine and the kids and farm help would pick the nuts free of the vine. They would fire up a big army pot on a gas burner and cook those field peanuts to perfection under the office shelter at the farm. Just like frying fish straight out of the river peanuts are better boiled fresh off the vine. I like to take old classics and add a fun new spin. These peanuts are best the next day. They soak up all those delicious spices!

Boiled Peanut 2.JPG

5 lbs Raw Green Peanuts

1 c Seasoned Salt

1/3 c Pepper

3/4 c Sugar

1 c Franks Hot Sauce

16 oz jar Jalapeno Slices

16 oz Budweiser

2 gallons Water

Rinse peanuts and pick out stems and vines. Add peanuts and remaining ingredients to a large pot. Place lid on pot and cook for 1-2.5 hours depending on the size and freshness of the nuts. You may need to add additional water as the nuts cook. Once peanuts are soft inside the shell turn off heat and allow peanuts to sit in pot liquor (cooking juice) for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Drain and serve. If there are any left refrigerate and enjoy later! These are called beer boiled peanuts because beer is an actual ingredient in the recipe but they are also best enjoyed with an ice cold beer!

Boiled Peanut 1.JPG
Lazar Oglesby