Old Fashioned Cooked Icecream with Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon Ice Cream.JPEG

I have tried many different ice cream recipes, and I keep coming back to this particular one. Cooking the custard takes some additional time but the end result is well worth the effort. I love the custard flavor from the egg and the bourbon vanilla really elevates the flavor of this classic recipe. There are many variations. You can add fruit, chocolate, or other flavors but we will savor this classic until next time!

Old Fashioned Cooked Vanilla Ice Cream

4 c Whole Milk

6 Whole Eggs

3 c Sugar

2 c Half and Half

3 c Heavy Cream

3 Tbs. Bourbon Vanilla and

1/2 Vanilla Bean

Combine milk, beaten eggs, and sugar in heavy bottom pan. Cook on low until mixture begins to thicken. About 30 minutes. Do Not Boil. The mixture should coat the back of a spoon. Place mixture in fridge until completely cooled. Once mixture is cool add half and half, heavy cream, and bourbon vanilla. Scrape the seeds from half of a vanilla bean and add to mixture. Stir well.

Place all ingredients in ice cream churn and churn for 30 minutes.

Lazar Oglesby